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When you have nail extensions (acrylic, gel, etc.), the natural nail continues to grow underneath. As the natural nail grows, a gap forms between the cuticle and the base of the extension. This is where filling or infilling comes in. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Gather Supplies:

    • Nail file
    • Buffer block
    • Cuticle pusher or orange stick
    • Nail dehydrator or primer (if using acrylic or gel)
    • Acrylic, gel, or other extension material (if needed)
    • Nail forms or tips (if adding length)
    • Acetone or nail polish remover (if removing nail polish)
    • Lint-free wipes
    • UV or LED lamp (if using gel)
    • Base coat, nail polish, and top coat (if reapplying polish)
  2. Remove Old Polish:

    • If you have nail polish on, use a non-acetone nail polish remover and cotton balls/pads to gently remove it.
  3. Examine Nails:

    • Assess the growth and condition of your natural nails. Identify areas that need filling.
  4. Prepare Extensions (if needed):

    • If you're adding length, apply nail forms or tips to the nails before proceeding.
  5. File and Shape:

    • Use a nail file to gently file down any excess length or uneven areas. Shape the nails as desired.
  6. Buff the Nails:

    • Use a buffer block to smooth out the surface of the nails. This helps ensure a smooth application of new material.
  7. Push Back Cuticles:

    • Gently push back the cuticles to create a clean surface for the new material.
  8. Apply New Material:

    • If using acrylic or gel, follow the specific application instructions for your chosen product. This may involve applying a dehydrator or primer, then applying the material and allowing it to cure or dry.
  9. Smooth and Blend:

    • After applying new material, use a file or buffer to smooth out any seams or rough edges, ensuring a seamless transition between the natural nail and the extension.
  10. Clean and Dehydrate:

    • Use a lint-free wipe and nail dehydrator to remove any dust or residue from the nails.
  11. Apply Base Coat (if reapplying polish):

    • If you're planning to reapply polish, start with a base coat to protect the natural nail.
  12. Apply Nail Polish (optional):

    • Apply your chosen nail polish color in thin, even coats. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next one.
  13. Apply Top Coat (optional):

    • For added shine and protection, apply a clear top coat once your nail polish has dried.

Remember, if you're not confident in doing this process yourself, it's always a good idea to seek the help of a professional nail technician. They have the expertise to ensure a smooth and professional-looking result.

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